Ataa Oko: uncoloured drawings 2012

The last sketches

In 2012 Ataa Oko drew almost only on large papers. Although he was sick and suffering a lot, the spirits on his sketches looked almost always peaceful and they often they were laughing. They all have crowns, or special hairstyles on their head. In his last year of life the artist drew almost only at night. He worked very fast since he could not sit for a long time any more. The lines were now clear and he hardly ever needed to correct his sketches. Although some of these last pencil drawings were still coloured by his son Kofi, many remained uncoloured. But Ataa Oko signed his work until one day before his death on 8 December 2012. His son Kofi succumbed only a few months later to a very serious illness.

Drawings 2012:
Pencil on Paper
41,5 x 59 cm