Ataa Oko: drawings 2002 to 2004

The first sketches of figurative coffins

The first sketch Ataa Oko made for Regula Tschumi in December 2002 shows his early figural coffins in the order of their origin. In January 2004 he produced a second drawing of the same subject. Again the order of the coffins was similar and Ataa Oko insisted: the crocodile had been his first figurative coffin made around 1945 for a family member. After these first two pencil sketches, he began to draw regularly in 2004 when Regula Tschumi visited him again. At that time he still made his sketches into simple school books. But as soon as he had gained more certainty in drawing, Regula Tschumi brought him pencils and quality drawing paper from Switzerland.

Pencil and colour pencils on paper
29.6 x 21 cm; 16 x 20 cm

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