Figurative coffins for Venice

A Biennal off exhibition that never took place

On behalf of an Italian exhibition curator, Regula Tschumi commissioned the artists Kudjoe Affutu and Ataa Oko to build four exceptional figurative coffins for the Biennale-Off in Venice 2009. From Kudjoe Affutu emerged a very special lion, a telephone and a rooster shaped coffin, and the 90 year old coffin master Ataa Oko created with Kudjoe Affutu’s support an old fashioned red rooster with very special small feathers. When all the 4 coffins were finished and finally shipped to Italy, the exhibition was canceled and the coffins remained with Regula Tschumi. So she kept them in her collection and lent them in the last years to several museum exhibitions in Switzerland.


The coffins are still in Berne and R. Tschumi loans them for Museum exhibitions. Some of them were shown in the CAB Lausanne, in the MEN Neuchâtel, in the Museum of Natural History Bern and in the Tropical House Wolhusen.