An exhibition in the casita Berne

In collaboration with gallery owners Hélène and Daniel Lüthi Regula Tschumi curated the show. She presented a selection of her photographs from Ghana as well as wood carvings created by the internationally known Ghanaian (coffin-) artist Kudjoe Affutu (* 1985) and invented movie posters on canvas or paper by the Ghanaian painter Moses Agoe (*1985). Both the works of Kudjoe Affutu and those of Moses Agoe were created in Ghana on behalf of and in close collaboration with Regula Tschumi.
The exhibition also offered an opportunity to present for the first time the English and the French editions of the German book Ataa Oko Addo, published in 2020 at Edition Clandestin in Switzerland.

More informations and images about the exhibition: casita Bern