Mexico - Sierra de Oaxaca

Before and after the festival in the mountains of Oaxaca

The «Día de los Muertos» is celebrated especially in the south of Mexico. For the Mazatecs in the Sierra de Oaxaca the festival lasts about seven days. During this time the ancestors are believed to return to their families and bring them happiness, fertility and a rich harvest for the coming year. All this is strongly dependent on the influence and benevolence of the ancestors in the faith of the Mazatecs. That is why it is so important that people do not forget the deceased, and they pamper them with flowers, special dishes and candle light during the «Día de los Muertos». In Order that the guests from the beyond do not spend too long with the living, they are also asked to leave again on in the night of the All Saints’ Day when the Family members spend their night in the candlelight at the cemetery.


These pictures were made during a workshop with the photographer Ernesto Bazan.