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New release: ATAA OKO ADDO (German)

The artist Ataa Oko Addo (1919–2012) from La in Ghana was a pioneer of today’s world-famous Ghanaian coffin art. In 2002, after meeting Regula Tschumi, the former coffin artist began drawing at the age of 80. Thus, until his death, a unique graphic work was created, which gives the western observer an insight into the culture of Ghana and into the spiritual world of the artist.

Concealed Art. The figurative palanquins and coffins of Ghana

Regula Tschumi’s book is based on her PhD and on several years of field research in southern Ghana. For the first time in this publication the figural palanquins of the Ga are in focus. They are examined in the context of the sociey from which they have developed and in which they are still being used. This book includes some previously unpublished very surprising photographs of figurative palanquins.

The buried treasures of the Ga. Coffin art in Ghana

For about fifty years the Ga coffins have been produced in the form of fruits, animals and status symbols and have thus established a tradition, which is presented here for the first time in a well-founded text and in numerous expressive illustrations. R. Tschumi traces the history of these figurative coffins in the art and religion of the Ga in Ghana.

This is a completely revised and updated edition of the Benteli book 2008.